Frequently asked Questions 

Q.  How long will the Seder last?
A. We start at 8:00 pm (Second Seder begins 8:30 pm) and it usually goes until midnight, there is a lot going on, so it doesn't seem that long...

Q.  When do we eat? 
A. NOT at the beginning of the Seder - so eat a wholesome [kosher for Passover snack] before you come.

Q. Is everything in Hebrew?
A. No, our books are  bi-lingual and we do parts in Hebrew and parts in English.

Q. I don't know anybody - will I feel comfortable? 
A. Yes! We make sure that every one of our guests feels welcome and comfortable, part of the 'family'.

Q. Are non- Jews allowed to come?
A. The Passover Seder is a unique 'family' event, so we limit participation to Jewish people only.

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