The Chabad House of Greater Boston, part of the world-wide network of Chabad- Lubavitch, is dedicated to furthering the understanding and observance of Jewish traditions to all, regardless of their background. In the spirit of the teaching and example of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, we try to assist others in whatever capacity possible. 

The Chabad House of Greater Boston is primarily focused on serving university students. Our Shabbat and holiday programs, classes, events and the general atmosphere are all geared to make college students feel at home. 
The Chabad House is located in close proximity to Boston University, Northeastern University, MIT, Berklee College of Music, Boston Conservatory, New England Conservatory, Simmons College and Emerson College. The Chabad House is within walking distance of downtown Boston. There are hotels within minutes of the Chabad House.  Want to visit? Directions

Boston University 
Rabbi Posner can be found every Tuesday in the GSU Student Union at the Chabad Link table. For more information, contact the Chabad Jewish Student Organization at Boston University.

Northeastern University 
The NU campus is a fifteen minute walk from the Chabad House. For the 2014 Fall semester Rabbi Mendy and Mussy Posner opened a Chabad House serving Northeastern at 173 St. Botolph street

Simmons College 
Just a short walk down Brookline Avenue from Simmons College brings you to the Chabad House.

Berklee College of Music 
Berklee is a mere five minute walk from the Chabad House. Rabbi Posner regularly visits the school, especially before holidays. The Chabad student representative is Omer Benyamin.

Emerson College 
Emerson College is very accessible to Chabad House, we welcome students to join us for Shabbat and activities.

Cast of Characters

Rabbi Prus, Regional Director 
Rabbi Chaim Prus established the Chabad House in Kenmore Square in 1981.  He sees to the financial well-being of the Chabad House and deals with numerous community affairs. He is responsible for the establishment of Chabad Houses in Eastern Massachusetts. Currently, Rabbi Prus and his wife Nechama live in Newton where they direct the Chabad Center of Newton.



Rabbi Shmuel Posner
Mrs. Chana Posner
Rabbi Shmuel and Chana Posner moved to Boston in 1985 to reside in the Chabad House and serve as Program directors. Rabbi and Chani conduct classes, visit the area universities on a regular basis, conduct the Shabbat program and are available to assist in all matters as needed.  The Posner family lives in the Chabad House.